Ayse kucukkoylu

Dad and I were truly blessed too meet Chris as we are spiritualist so our conversations with Chris about What Dad wanted and knew were met with openness empathy and understanding.

Chris was and is so full of love and care and truly want the best for you.

I felt supported and cared for through the whole experience of Dad going home to spirit, even through the uncomfortable time when he was donating his brain… Chris liased with everyone on my behalf so removing the stress.

It’s been a lovely experience of being supported and cared for through emotional times and I would highly recommend Chris because of her personal commitment and the upmost care as you can be completely open and talk freely about your wants and needs for your loved ones..

Finally bringing back connection to the whole death experience.

Dad has already been through an independent medium and complemented Chris on her exemplary care of him and me… guess you can’t say better than that.

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Judith Oates

Chris demystified the whole business of funeral planning, and offered advice on so many issues that I’d previously been scared to even think about – from the choice of coffins , where to hold a funeral, -prices – burials/ cremations -any relevant aspect you may want to discuss about your own or someone else’s funeral. A kind friendly understanding chat.. I thoroughly recommend a talk with her when needed

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Amy Fenwick

When my mother died, whilst it was expected, as an only child in my late 30s, this was a very painful time. Mum wanted Last Wishes funerals, so that we could have the best “send off” possible, without being traditional and Chris didn’t disappoint.
All contact was prompt and professional, but so compassionate. No question was considered unnecessary and the weight of planning a funeral was taken off my shoulders. Anything that I wanted for mum, Chris did her best to achieve, with the least stress to me possible.
I even broke my ankle on the morning of the funeral; I had planned to spend the morning dressing the church, but Chris dressed the church for me, without even questioning it.
Despite the obvious sadness of this day, it truly was the best celebration of my wonderful mum’s life and I cannot thank her enough.

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Djamilla Hitchins

When my mother died we decided we wanted to try and make all the arrangements ourselves without a funeral director. We were able to do this but I’m not sure we would have succeeded without Chris. When we started out she drove to our house, which was not that local to her, and talked us through the process even though we were not asking her to arrange the funeral. She was entirely generous with her time and advice. She was straightforward and practical and made us believe we could succeed. And when we hit a brick wall or two during the process she was always on the end of the phone with an immediate solution.

In the future when I remember this last week – filling in forms, talking to crematoriums and finally achieving what we wanted for my mother – I will always think of Chris and what she did. She feels like a friend who helped us at time when we really needed it. We will always be grateful to her.

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Annette Jowett

We would like to thank you Chris for all you did to help us give our father a wonderful send off.
You supported,helped and guided us every step of the way. Nothing was too much trouble. You took time to understand our wishes and feelings and found a celebrant, Revd Chris, who was able to understand them too. You even managed to provide a CD of the music we were struggling to obtain. Your kindness, caring and empathy shone through and your understanding that we wished for an upbeat celebration of our father’s rich and varied life was so refreshing.
We chose a wicker coffin which was beautiful and bought plants to go on it so that we could each have a plant to put in our gardens to remember him by for years to come.
Although these occasions are tinged with sadness we all felt that on this occasion the true nature of our father was able to be expressed in a way that we do not believe would otherwise have happened. The whole occasion flowed smoothly with a refreshing beauty we would not have imagined possible. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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Jane Duncan Rogers

Chris of Last Wishes was nothing short of brilliant in how she helped us, both when my Dad died and then my Mum very soon after. Her attention to detail, knowledge and intention to give us good value for money was outstanding. Even to the point of bringing her own bamboo trestles for the coffins, by far the nicest I have seen. It is this kind of thoughtfulness and her good communication that made a difficult time so much easier.

I highly recommend Last Wishes, who simply want to give you what you want, with great service, and at the best possible price.


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I. Knight, York

It has been a pleasure and a relief to meet you to discuss my funeral wishes with
you.  It has been so much easier to talk about the details with you than with my daughter – however close we may feel.  And yet, on the day, the details matter, and will help the funeral go smoothly and with dignity.  My dearest wish is to cause my daughter as little distress and worry as possible.
I could not wish for anybody better than you to deal with the practical and necessary details regarding my bodily remains.  It is reassuring to know that people like you – and your family – are there when needed the most.

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Caroline, Slingsby

We used Last Wishes Funerals when organising my mum’s funeral. I had never had to organise a funeral before and I found it overwhelming.  The information on the main stream sites didn’t seem to offer something that was appropriate for my mum but I didn’t really know what we wanted.  Chris was amazing, she talked us through a natural burial and came up with ideas that made it a unique ceremony.

Having never organised a funeral before I hadn’t thought how important it was to have a place for the family to grieve after the funeral and her suggestion of the local eco friendly burial site provided a perfect place for quiet thought and reflection.

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Chris Robertshaw

Just to simply say that Chris provided everything and more that my dear wife, Nicky would have wanted. Nicky’s bywords were ‘be the best you can be’ and Chris and Georgina (the Celebrant), left the family and myself feeling uplifted that we had done just that. I owe an enormous debt of gratitude to them both for the way everything was done without fuss, without formality – just with love and empathy. Every single person at the service said what a wonderful service it was and how well it matched Nicky’s warm and loving personality. My deepest heart-felt thanks. Chris, Esme and Kit.

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Jane Duncan Rogers

That meeting you had with my sister, my Mum and Dad and me was just great Chris. Thank you so much. You clearly led us through all the different options in a practical but kind and compassionate manner. My parents are both alive still, but facing up to their end of life, and you were able to support them in doing this by facilitating them choosing what they wanted for their funeral. Surprisingly, it felt like we were organising a party! I think that is testament to how you were with us. I will be recommending you to everyone I know!

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