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Funeral Costing

Funeral costs can vary significantly depending on the specific services and options chosen. While there are some standard legal costs involved in organising a funeral, such as obtaining necessary permits and certificates, the overall pricing structure can be quite flexible. At our funeral shop, we understand that every family’s needs and preferences are unique, which is why we offer a range of options to accommodate diverse budgets and requirements.

Our pricing model is designed to reflect the individual choices made by the family. Whether opting for a burial or cremation, we offer a more personalised celebration of life and the cost of the funeral is determined by the specific services selected. Families can tailor the funeral to meet their preferences, whether that involves selecting a coffin, arranging for transportation, or incorporating special tributes and rituals. We strive to provide transparent pricing and clear communication throughout the planning process, ensuring that families have a clear understanding of the costs associated with each option available to them.

Examples of Costing

Our pricing examples are derived from three funerals, each tailored with unique options, all organised for the same family over a span of time.

Funeral 1


What was involved

  • Direct Cremation
  • Civil Celebrant
  • LifeArt EarthCare Coffin
  • Posy of Garden Flowers
  • Service in Shop
  • Tea & Cakes Afterwards

Funeral 2


What was involved

  • Churchyard Burial
  • Church & Vicar
  • Silver Estate Car
  • LifeArt Wood Effect Coffin
  • Family Bearing & Lowering

Funeral 3


What was involved

  • Cremation at York
  • Civil Celebrant
  • Hearse
  • ECoffin Willow Pod