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Many people are planning their own funerals these days.

Some people make a plan because they want to know their funeral is budgeted for and some because they want to have their last wishes respected.* Others plan their funeral because they like the thought of a less traditional send-off, or they have very specific ideas about what they want. Whatever your reason, making a plan will put your mind at rest, and can really help loved ones to respect your wishes when the time comes.

Rather than overwhelm you with information here, we prefer to get to know something about you over a cup of tea and make our suggestions accordingly. Most people are pleasantly surprised at the range of choices there are today. As we chat, more ideas will come up and an outline of your last wishes will start to take shape.

At that point, you may want to take a few days to mull things over, visit some burial sites or crematoria, consider the choice of celebrants, music, and other elements. If that’s the case, we will finalise the plan when you are ready, and then we can give you an estimate based on current costs.

*Please note: Your funeral plan is not a legally binding document, so to ensure that your wishes are carried out, you’ll need to make a Will (or update it). We also encourage you to choose your executor with care, as they have the last word should any dispute arise over your funeral arrangements. If you update your plan, remember to make sure we have a copy and that another copy is kept with your Will – and that everyone who needs to know has the latest version.


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