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Burial including natural and woodland

Cremation including Direct Cremation

Religious or non-religious

Choice of celebrants to lead services

Your Choices

Whether this is your first time making funeral arrangements, or you’ve done it before, we can make this difficult time easier. We offer a friendly, personal and affordable service – and because we are independent, we are flexible.

  • Your funeral can be as individual and unique as you want – we don’t have pre-set packages. Most people who come to us are surprised at the options available. We work across a range of budgets and styles – and you only pay for the elements you want to have in your funeral, whether it is a burial or a cremation.
  • We can also advise and support you, as consultants, if your family and friends wish to carry out all aspects of the funeral themselves (“direct-it-yourself”) – we can be involved as little or as much as you would like.
  • If you are thinking ahead, we offer a funeral planning service.

Whatever your choice, we work with you and your family to respect and achieve the last wishes of you and your loved one.

Whether the death is expected, as in most situations, or unexpected, we can guide and support you through this often overwhelming time. Please take your time and ask someone to be with you. We will not pressure you – and there’s really no need to rush into any decisions.

We can answer your queries, give you an estimate after asking some simple questions, and make an appointment to meet you and find out more about your wishes. We are here to care for you and your family and to help you through this time.


Last Wishes Funerals

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